What’s Next for BADASS?

I’ve been very happy with how BADASS has been doing, the number of downloads we’ve had and the kind of feedback we’ve received has been nothing short of humbling.

That said, I think I’m not the only one that thinks that BADASS can still cover a whole lot of ground.  At the moment I’m already sorting out what the next expansions will be for BADASS, and so far the list is only getting bigger:

  • SON OF BADASS – The Player’s Guide will add new stuff in almost every category from an additional BADASS Type, a host of new Flavas rules tweaks and optional rules to customize your BADASS experience!
  • Zombie BADASS – First in a series of Genre-specific expansions for BADASS, Zombie BADASS takes on the undead with nothing but a knife!  Featuring a self-contained campaign setting and various Zombie-Only Flavas to keep your BADASSes on their toes!
  • BADASS in Spaaace! – Who says BADASSes have to be constrained to Earth!?  Laser beams, rocket ships and alien space babes are all fair game in this Genre-specific expansion full of Futuristic Flavas that’ll keep your trigger happy BADASSes shooting at the nearest Evil Alien Empire.  BADASS in Spaaace! also features a self-contained campaign setting with plenty of other things to disintegrate!

That said I’m also looking for suggestions from fellow BADASS players who enjoy the game and would like to see their favorite Genre on this list.  Feel free to comment here and tell me right to my face what I should be working on.

6 thoughts on “What’s Next for BADASS?

  1. My contribution:

    Final Fantasy BADASS?! – a fantasy equivalent where the rules of logic make even less sense.
    “You cannot harm me… I am a magical fairy princess pony!”

    SUPER BADASS – the antics of so-called heroic masked vigilantes in a world full of mayhem. (For inspiration: play the Infamous and Prototype games)

  2. And how about High Schools BADASS…

    If anyone can tell I just finished watching Kickass and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World…

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