BADASS Is All Over The Net… Kicking Ass and Taking Names (Sticky)

Posted: June 10, 2011 by pointyman2000 in Articles, BADASS, Roleplaying Games

BADASS continues to kick logic in the face around the world, and I am honestly in awe.

As of this writing, Stargazer has informed me that BADASS has accumulated 740 (Edit: now 1,300+) downloads so far in just a little over two days, and already people are starting to chime in with how they feel:

To help support this game further, Stargazer and I have opened an Official BADASS Forum over in the RPG Table Talk Forum.  There’s not much there yet, but if you’ve downloaded the game and want to share your BADASSery, come on over and tell us about it!

One last bit of amazing news is that BADASS also got promoted as DriveThruRPG’s Free RPG of the Week

I’m overwhelmed with all this attention, and I’m looking forward to putting out more stuff for BADASS.  Being my first real effort to bring out a complete game to the public, I’m very grateful for this response.

If you’d like to show your support for BADASS, then please feel free to provide a small tip via the Paypal Donate button below:

  1. Alex Osias says:

    Great work! Sounds promising indeed!

  2. jatori says:

    I really need to make another trip over to Manila, except make the visit more BADASS than the last.

  3. drakharios says:

    Good job! 🙂 Going off to snag my copy …

  4. BIRTHDAY POST! Belated Happy Birthday, sweetie. ♥ For reasons unknown, your blog won’t load up yesterday so I can only post my birthday greetings here to you now. 😦

  5. dirty yasuki says:

    Congrats on your success man

  6. Hikkikomori says:

    And so it begins.

  7. morrisonmp says:

    Thanks for linking that… Just wanted to let you know I’ve posted a full review and having played around with the game more, I’m even more impressed.

    Great work.

    • Hi Michael!

      Thanks for the full review! I’m glad you enjoyed BADASS. The feedback you guys give me are exactly what I need to pinpoint where I can improve my writing and design.

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