[Let’s Study] All For One: Regime Diabolique – Richelieu’s Guide to Expanded Characters

Posted: May 31, 2011 by pointyman2000 in All For One: Regime Diabolique, Articles, Let's Study, Reviews, Roleplaying Games

This article was written for a review copy that was generously provided by Triple Ace Games.

One of the minor concerns that was noted about All For One: Regime Diabolique was the default stance that the Player Characters would all have to be a) Musketeers and b) Male.  I say that this is a minor concern as the system itself, as well as the implied setting, is still wide open to any number of other characters, female or otherwise.

But to address this issue definitively, Triple Ace Games released the Richelieu’s Guide to Expanded Characters, a 12 page PDF product detailing additional character options, including the Queen’s Musketeers, a group of female musketeers that are in every way equal to their male peers.  The guide also goes into further detail into the creation of non-Musketeer characters (female or otherwise) who may find themselves allied with the Musketeers in their fight against the forces that threaten France.


Richelieu’s Guide to Expanded Characters may be only 12 pages long, but it wastes no time in handing out useful information for any Regime Diabolique campaign.  Just to give an idea of what can be found in this particular guide:

  • The History, Organization and Roles of the Queen’s Musketeers
  • New Archetypes – Guardian, Patron and Outcast
  • New Motivations – Glory, Preservation and Wisdom
  • A new Talent and accompanying combat Maneuver
  • Character Creation Guidelines for non-Musketeer characters
  • Five sample female characters that show off the wide range of character options encouraged by the new rules
  • Eight new Lackey types
  • Two new Secret Societies for the GM’s eyes only

The last portion in particular was very interesting to me as I imagine that many of the players I knew would be more than willing to play non-musketeers, and having the necessary guidelines for creating a varied cast of characters was definitely a way to expand the scope of All For One: Regime Diabolique.

Art & Layout

The layout of the PDF should be familiar to anyone who has a copy of All For One: Regime Diabolique as it maintains the style and layout of the corebook.  The new character creation options are presented in sidebars and callout boxes, making them easy enough to spot, and each of the sample characters are presented on one page character sheets, making it easy for someone who needs a quick character to just print that page, write down a name and run with it.

Unfortunately, the guide is devoid of any artwork, something that is not a deal-breaker to me by any means, but I do feel that it would have been nice to get some portraits for the Sample Characters at least.

The PDF is mostly in black and white (save for the All For One: Regime Diabolique title, and the Triple Age Games and Ubiquity Logos on the front page) making it kind to your printer should you choose to print it out.


Richelieu’s Guide to Expanded Characters is a perfect example of what a supplement ought to be.  It expands the scope of the core game, adding a wealth of mechanical and fluff options that give All For One: Regime Diabolique the ability to tackle more than just Musketeer-centric games.

That said, I’d highly recommend Richelieu’s Guide to Expanded Characters as the first purchase after the Corebook as expanding the core setting to accommodate a greater cast of characters cannot possibly be a bad thing for any Regime Diabolique campaign and for a price that is definitely easy on the wallet and well within the impulse-buy zone.


Richelieu’s Guide to Expanded Characters is available from DriveThruRPG for $3.99 or roughly Php 172.00

  1. Tallgeese says:

    I purchased several of the pdf supplements and have to say they are pretty good. For me this was a “supplement” that really should have been included in the original game.

    While in fairness there was a female role (i.e.,a Musketeer who is a female in disguise) in the core book, it was a major mistake in my view to ignore the need for functional female PC roles in the core book, even in a historical game. That is particularly important to me for games that I run at conventions, since I am seeking to create a democratic play experience for the PLAYERS where no one feels excluded.

    Triple Ace’s design decision was compounded by a rather defensive attitude toward this criticism on their forum. Frankly, considering what they did to dear old Cardinal Richelieu, I think they could have bent the rules a bit in the main book. 🙂

    That being said, my solution was to create an all-female armed company that any PCs who wanted to could join.

    • Hey there Tallgeese,

      From what I could tell, nothing in the corebook actually stopped you from playing a female character, in the same way that the book didn’t stop anyone from playing a non-Musketeer character either. While Musketeers were indeed the highlight of the book, there was always a way of playing something other than a Musketeer. It wasn’t as if the book forbade anyone from trying, and to be honest, after my first read through of the Character Creation chapter, my first impulse was to build a female spy from the Vatican, even without knowing about this particular guide just yet.

      That said I understand your concern with regards to running the game at a convention, where a “boys only” sort of impression could really end up souring the game to female players. I’m certain this point has been debated at length in the TAG forums, and perhaps I’m lucky that the guide has already been released, addressing the needs of those who would play non-Musketeers and female characters, while providing us GMs with more material to use.

  2. Tallgeese says:

    And as it happens, all the players preferred to be Musketeers. 🙂

    • Clearly your groups and mine are vastly different. Whenever I give a pitch, they always go for nonstandard concepts. :p

      • Tallgeese says:

        Now that I actually think about it, one of the players did play a female-in-disguise Musketeer. The con scenario opened up pretty awkwardly. Several older gamers – all 17th C. warfare grognard’s, I’d say, sit down at the table and start making racist and homophobic jokes. Then a woman sits down, and they stop. Then, a player who actually had the first tier ticket to the event shows up late, and the female player (2nd tier ticket) bows out. Then play begins, and fortunately did not lapse into racist/homophobic out-of-character banter. It turned out to be one of the best con scenarios I have run. I found out later that I had at least one player who is widely considered by con-going peers to be “difficult”. I guess I hit their sweet spot.

  3. Hikkikomori says:

    Did I hear females in my France?!

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