[Let’s Study] All For One: Regime Diabolique – Part 2.5 Sample Character: Marcel Dubois

Posted: May 19, 2011 by pointyman2000 in All For One: Regime Diabolique, Articles, Let's Study, Roleplaying Games

Marcel Dubois

Archetype: Soldier
Motivation: Survivor


3 Body
2 Dexterity
3 Strength
2 Charisma
2 Intelligence
3 Willpower


0 Size
5 Move
7 Perception
4 Initiative
5 Defense
3 Stun
6 Health


2 Athletics (Rating 5)
3 Brawl (Specialty: Dirty Tricks) [Rating 5]
4 Fencing: Spanish (Modifies Melee) [Rating 7]
1 Firearms [Rating 3]
2 Intimidation [Rating 4]
0 Ride [Rating 2]
2 Survival [Rating 4]

Alertness (Perception +2)

0 Rank (Musketeer)
1 Fencing School:  Spanish

Danger Magnet

Style Points: 1


Marcel Dubois was a man born under a bad sign. If one were to put together a memoir detailing the most notable moments in his life, one would certainly include the time where a newborn Marcel was left in a burning barnyard, as well as that other incident where Marcel ran out into the fields to play only to be nearly killed by a stray bullet from a nearby duel between quarreling noblemen.

Yet, if anything else was to define Marcel’s life, it would be his dogged, almost fanatical desire to survive. It was as if God himself knew that this man would end facing Death time and again, and bestowed this unfortunate soul with a willpower rarely found in man.

Marcel grew up to be a soldier, a curious sort of profession for one such as he.  His career was one not chosen willingly, as he had been conscripted quite shortly after stumbling drunkenly out of a particularly heavy drinking session to celebrate his birthday. (Birthdays, as you would imagine, were of particular import to a man who ends up nearly dying every other month or so.)  Oddly enough, he took to training well, perhaps celebrating the idea that he was receiving the kind of education that would allow him to live through whatever madness the world threw at him.

His elevation to the ranks of the Musketeers surprised everyone, including himself, as he was apparently volunteered by his fellow soldiers. Given his reputation of somehow making it through no less than three separate and unrelated incidents that involved him being the only survivor of his company in the field of battle, perhaps the other soldiers sought to rid themselves of his ill-luck and spare their lives in the process.

Marcel’s reputation as a masterful survivor against all odds made him a political target and choice for elevation to the ranks of a Musketeer as a subject for propaganda stories about the indomitable nature of the French soldiers especially in this time of war.

For those curious to check it out, All For One: Regime Diabolique is available in PDF format over at DriveThruRPG for $24.99 or about Php 1078.00
  1. Runeslinger says:

    It’s nice to see this great game getting some attention on other blogs~ I hope you start up a campaign and share the tales!

    Just a note: Looking over the character, it looks like you are applying a house rule for Melee and Fencing…?

    The two skills are separate. Some people have expressed issues with this division as it seems to be disadvantageous to choose Fencing over melee when fencing is restricted to swordwork, and melee is not. The idea is that melee is a general skill representing ability doing damage with hand weapons (swords, staves, axes, what-have-you) whereas Fencing is a Specialty Sword Skill with distinct styles and schools each with their own strengths and weaknesses, not umlike how Kung Fu was represented in HEX.

    Despite this new set of clothes for the old min-max problem, it does make a large amount of sense, not only for pure roleplaying reasons, but also for the mixed RP and mechanics reasons of the expanded background options associated with being a member of a school of fence to have the two skills exist separately.

    Anyway, it was nice to read a set of solid entries on my favorite Ubiquity setting!

    • Hi there Runeslinger,

      Actually, I have to admit that I wasn’t certain as to how Melee and Fencing were differentiated. I bought a single rank in fencing: Spanish thinking that it modified the Melee skill. I’m glad you differentiated it though, at least now I have an idea how how the two skills relate to each other.

      I’m still going through the book and I suspect that one or two more thorough reads would be necessary before I get everything right.

      • Runeslinger says:

        You are in distinguished company~ Lots of people have been uncertain how to approach them. There have been one or two discussions on the Triple Ace forum relating to it.

        Since the core rules were released they have printed one of their short folio supplements, a Richelieu’s Guide, on fencing and fencing schools which expands this aspect of the game nicely.

  2. I forsee a lot of my store credit from DriveThruRPG going into the Richelieu’s Guides… :p

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