[Fantasy Craft] Adventure Companion Review Part 5: Conclusion

In the interest of disclosure, I would like to state that this review is made possible by the generosity of Patrick Kapera of Crafty-Games, who provided Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer with a PDF review copy of the Fantasy Craft Adventure Companion, the latest product from their excellent Fantasy Craft series.


The Fantasy Craft Adventure Companion is one of those rpg supplements that really does have something for everyone.  The three Campaign Settings included in the book are all interesting and evocative, and cover a wide range of interests, whether or not your group prefers Sword & Sorcery, backstabbing politics or high adventure.  Even if you don’t particularly like any of the three options, the fact that the book goes one step further and pops open the hood to let you see how all three of them tick using the Fantasy Craft system is still worth having.  Furthermore, fans of the Fantasy Craft system will enjoy the plethora of options offered, improving the flexibility inherent in the corebook.  Players and GMs alike will likely find something that they can use.

If I do have any sort of criticism towards this product, I’d say that I wish they could have expanded the settings a little further.  Maybe there’s a future for all three of these settings as their own stand-alone products, but as they are, they feel like they’ve been cut down to fit the pagecount.  There’s a lot of potential to these settings, and I hope that Crafty-Games decides to spin any of these off to their own setting books.

Another point would be the fact that there were no rules on making your own Specialties or Human Talents.  While I believe there are guidelines for these on the wiki of Crafty-Games, having an “official” DIY would have been great.  This probably only matters to me since I’m still fiddling with my old Jianghu campaign setting on Fantasy Craft, and I would really have wanted a means to put together my own setting-specific Specialties and Talents.

Overall, I believe that the Fantasy Craft Adventure Companion is a must-have.  It expands the Fantasy Craft core rules, gives three distinct and well-done Campaign settings that can serve as examples or be used for play, and contains nearly all the new classes from Call to Arms.  If you were to buy only one supplement for Fantasy Craft, then I would strongly encourage you pick the Adventure Companion up.

The Fantasy Craft Adventure Companion PDF is available now at DrivethruRPG for $14.99

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