[Exalted: Dawn of Sorrows] Revving up an Old Campaign

Posted: November 8, 2010 by pointyman2000 in Exalted, Roleplaying Games

I’m a lucky GM.

Ever since my Exalted campaign went on hiatus, two of my former players were pretty cool with the idea of me picking up from where I left off a year ago.  Not everyday you get to put a game on hold for that long and still get the kind of response and support that Silver Countess and Hikkikomori showed.

With the return of the campaign (and the Qwixalted hack powering it) some of my other players, old hands at Exalted decided to join in.  One of them, Tarathiel (who was playing Al’Din, the Dawn Caste Desert Raider) took to it like a fish to water.  While he did express slight concern about the ability of the rules to handle the higher spectrum of Exalted play, he did feel that it worked great for where the game was at the moment.

Now that my brain isn’t too clogged up thinking about Charms I’m a lot more confident about this campaign.  I’ve started compiling my GM notes on Microsoft One Note, an excellent note-taking tool with the kind of organizational features that can keep me sane, especially since I’m looking to make a rich campaign with a setting that lives and breathes with all sorts of NPCs and factions.

I’m sure I’ll be stepping on a lot of toes of Canon folk, especially since I’m not really going to be relying too much on the usual movers and shakers of the setting.  If anything I’m doing what I usually do to NPC heavy settings (like the Forgotten Realms)  I tend to forget about them and focus on the player characters.  It saves my brain from having to worry too much about making sure that the NPCs stay in character, and I don’t overshadow my players when a big name NPC guy shows up.  The only exceptions I usually make would be for villains, since they’re always awesome and exist for the PCs to fight anyway.

That said, I’m hyped, and I’m hoping that I can keep the flames burning to make this game epic enough to be worthy of being called an Exalted campaign.

  1. loquacious says:

    I think you are lucky- it’s a pretty rare thing that you can start up an old game again and not have a disaster. It’s my experience that something gets lost in the translation. Good luck! it sounds fun so far.

  2. Hikkikomori says:

    Its just Supply and Demand.

    Its not as if there is enough Supply to fill Demand.


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