[Let’s Study – C:tL] The Court of Autumn

The Court of Autumn is one of the more interesting Courts since it seems to have multiple layers to them.  Known also as the Court of Fear, Autumn Changelings take yet another aspect of coping after Trauma that’s different than that of Spring or Summer.

The Autumn Court prepares.

In many ways, the Autumn Court harnesses the fear of capture, the fear of discovery and the fear of the Wyrd methods used by their former Masters to better themselves.  It is a Court of caution, of preparation and hundreds of deliberate pre-emptive and preventive measures.

To sum it up, the Autumn Changeling’s reaction to the Trauma is interesting.

My experiences have hurt me, but now I know better.  Never talk to strangers, never walk under ladders, I know all the rules that they play by.

The Autumn Court is their willing to delve into the mysteries of the Occult as a means of gaining some measure of power against those who would take them back again.  Whether it’s from the Fae powers that they escaped with, the lore of ghosts, or trafficking with other, stranger supernaturals, the Autumn Court looks for answers in places where most would hesitate.

The Face of Fear

Fear is an emotion of many varying hues, a fact that many Autumn Changeling are well aware of.  Their affinity to the emotion gives them great insight into the psychology of others, and helps them manipulate things to push people to certain directions.

The very fear that supplies Glamour to the Changelings isn’t just sheer terror, but also the subtle hues of caution and hesitation.  As such Autumn Changelings can range from Terrorists to That Creepy Old Guy.  To be fair however, more emotionally balanced members of the Ashen Court find their means of absorbing fear through more subtle means.

Sample Characters for the Autumn Court:

  • Professional Downsizing Agent (Fairest) – They say that a person should learn to love their job to truly enjoy it.  This Autumn Changeling could take this job and make sweet, sweet love to it by the beach.  Professional and utterly intimidating by being so, this Changeling draws upon the nervous fear of employees that know she’s the Angel of Death as far as their Employment’s concerned.  Her field is psychology, knowing how people think is essential to getting her job done… but the fact that she’s also physically frail means that at any moment, any of these disgruntled employees could come back to hurt her.
  • Creepy, but Incredibly Capable Dentist (Wizened) – Some people are scared of Dentists.   Everyone fears this dentist.  Everyone who has ever gone to him has regretted their decision the moment they take a seat on his chair, but they all walk away with the best dental work in the state.  The only lingering thought now is… did he do anything else while they were under Anaesthetic Hypnosis?
  • Blackmail Professional (Darkling) – People love keeping secrets.  This Changeling’s “job” is to find the worst, and dangle them over the heads of those who own them.  Their targets live every waking (and sleeping) moment in utter, abject fear of being undone should their secrets come to light.  Every bit of hush money is a part of a Pledge.

As I go through the Courts, it’s starting to look like it’s a 2×2 axis between Passive-Aggressive and Confrontation-Avoidance.

  • Spring – Aggressive Avoidance
  • Summer – Aggressive Confrontation
  • Autumn – Passive Confrontation
  • Winter – Passive Avoidance

I wonder if I’m onto something here or if I’m seeing things that aren’t there.

7 thoughts on “[Let’s Study – C:tL] The Court of Autumn

  1. Prolly what the creators were going for.

    Autumn Occultist Priest is the most obvious way to go.

    • Autumn Curb-side Prophet.
    “They end is neigh!”

    • Autumn Self-Help Book Writer and Speaker or Evangelist
    Where else can you glut on fear than a room full of fearful people who paid money to have someone to tell them what to do.

    • Autumn Gameshow Host
    Whether it be a over-hyped singing contest or a contest which aims to test the limits of a contestant’s fear threshold. A Gameshow Host knows how to generate and play with these emotions, from both the contestants and the audience, in order to savor it to its fullest.

  2. For the Venice setting I have a band of ‘pirates’ who act as smugglers and goons for hire, and their leader is of the Autumn court. But his main task is to act as a ranger into the Hedge, and also as a customs officer, removing or destroying dangerous magical goods that could attract the Gentry.

    1. Hi Daniel!

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the series as much as I’m having fun writing it. Do you have any particular suggestions on Changeling Topics you’d like to see discussed in this series?

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