[Fantasy Craft] Origin Analysis: Pech

Today we talk about the Pech.

Yes, I know it’s a strange word for most people, but I did some research (well, lazy, look it up in Wikipedia Research really, but hey) and it turns out that Pech is actually a creature of Scottish Mythology.  Though, based on the attributes it looks like Fantasy Craft Pechs aren’t quite as strong as in the myths, instead favoring speed, and resembling more of the Halflings and Gnomes of D&D.

At a Glance:

  • Attributes: +3 Dexterity – No penalty, +3 bonus.  Perhaps their small size is the reason why they weren’t penalized further.  Still a good Dex score can lead to all sorts of amusement as any old d20 player can tell you.
  • Base Speed: 30 ft. – For a small guy, they’ve got average move speed.  Given that they’re meant to be quick, I suppose it only stands to reason.
  • Enlightened Resolve: A Pech’s maximum Resolve rank increases to your Career Level + 5.  Now this is interesting.  It seems that a healthy mental / emotional state is attributed a lot to the little folk.  The Pech don’t allow themselves to lose hope, and are a rather determined people.  I like this benefit as it adds a little more flavor to the already standard little person race.
  • Hearty Appetite: A Pech benefits from the first 2 food and 2 drink they consume in each day.  This probably falls more to flavor than anything else, but the usefulness of food and drink in Fantasy Craft isn’t something adventurers can just brush off.  We’ll side track a bit here but food and drink actually alleviates certain special damage conditions such as fatigued, shaken or sickened.  Food can also give a few benefits to Fortitude rolls.  My favorite entry is the rule that Hard Liquor is a great solution to curing the frightened condition.
  • Hurled Proficiency: Pech have the Hurled proficiency feat.  Fairly decent, nothing much to say here.  They’re good at hurling stuff, and it makes for an interesting throwback to older systems and maybe a few David and Goliath homages (though if I remember correctly the Giants also have the Hurled Proficiency feat…)
  • Iconic Specialties: A Pech can gain their Specialty’s bonus feat only if they are an Acrobat, Adventurer, Bard, Cavalier, Corsair, Merchant, Physician, Rogue, Swindler, or Warden.  This seems like a good selection of Specialties for the Pech.  It’s fairly social-oriented, and works well with their high Dexterity score.


The Pech seem to be an interesting take on the halfling stereotype.  The enjoyment of food, generally optimistic psychology, and proficiency with hurled weapons gives this race a quasi-old school feel.

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