[Fantasy Craft] Character Sample: Savvy Human Sage

Posted: September 2, 2009 by pointyman2000 in Fantasy Craft, Roleplaying Games

At the moment I’m still checking out Fantasy Craft, and I figured the best way to get a handle on the system is to try and build a character with it.

And so I’ve put together a Savvy Human Sage  just to run the character generation through the laps, and this is what I’ve come up with, after the break:

By Wen-M I believe...

By Wen-M I believe...

Savvy Human Sage (Specialty: Warden), Level 1

STR: 10 +0
DEX: 14 +2
CON: 12 +1
INT: 15 +2
WIS: 15 +2
CHA: 14 +1

Vitality: 10
Wounds: 12

BAB: +0 melee /+3  ranged
Fort: +2
Ref: +3
Will: +3

Def: +12
Init: +8
Lifestyle: +2 (Panache 1/ Prudence 1)
Legend: +1

Base Speed: 30 ft.
Action Dice: 3d4
Knowledge Check: +9

Racial Abilities:

  • Grace Under Pressure: Gain a+3 bonus to any roll you boost with an action die.  This bonus increases by an additional +1 at levels 6, 11, and 16.
  • If I Recall… :You Gain a +5 bonus with Knowledge checks.

Specialty Abilities:

  • Decisive: +5 Bonus with Initiative
  • Practiced Investigate: If you spend an action die to boost an Investigate check and it still fails, you gain the die back after the action is resolved.  Against multiple targets you only get the die back if the check fails against all of them.
  • Unbreakable: Each time you suffer attribute impairment, it decreases by 1 (minimum 0)

Class Abilities:

  • Breadth of Experience (Core Ability) – Choose 4 skills, they become Sage class skills for you and you gain 2 ranks in each
  • Wise Counsel: As long as a teammate can hear or see you when he makes an attack, skill check, save or damage roll, you may spend and roll 1 action die to boost his result.  You always roll this die and add your own action die modifiers; the teammates die type and modifiers are ignored.

Class Skills:
*Blend (Cha) 2 Ranks
*Bluff (Cha) 2 Ranks
Crafting (Int)
Disguise (Cha) 4 Ranks
Haggle (Wis) 2 Ranks
*Intimidate (Wis) 2 Ranks
Investigate (Wis) 2 Ranks
Medicine (Int) 2 Ranks
Notice (Wis) 2 Ranks
*Prestidigitation (Dex) 2 Ranks
**Resolve (Con) 4 Ranks
Ride (Dex) 2 Ranks
Search (Int) 4 Ranks
Sense Motive (Wis) 4 Ranks
**Sneak (Dex) 4 Ranks
Tactics (Int) 4 Ranks

* Breadth of Experience
** Origin Skill

Edged Weapons
Bows (Forte)
Cheap Shot (Trick)

I Can Swim (May spend skill points during play)
Pathfinder Basics (Plains; +2 with Notice)

Native Language
Native Culture / Homeland
Monster Lore (Study)
History Lore (Study)

Overall, I think this is pretty good for a level 1 Character.  Certainly it won’t win top prizes for being the “Best” at anything, but I liked Spycraft’s Pointman Class, and the Sage certainly fits the bill.  As a player, I find myself being best at playing the Wildcard or Support rolls, filling in gaps in the party’s composition to add more flexibility to the team.

Things I liked about this character were the sheer amount of abilities gained, even while being just a normal human.  The template stacking of a character’s Origins, Specialties (and in the case of the Human, Talents) makes for a lot of customization.

Another thing I liked about it was the non-set Proficiencies, allowing for you to build the Mage with a longsword proficiency, as well as the combat Tricks, which are special combat actions enabled only to those with sufficient proficiency with a given weapon.

I’ll probably try my hand at building a Spellcaster next, just to see if complexity goes up.

  1. Christian says:

    That’s a great character. It’s varied skills and abilities would be very useful while adventuring.

    • Glad you liked it!

      The Sage is the ultimate Wingman. With a good spread of skills and the ability to further customize your choices, the Sage’s contribution to the party outweigh his stats.

  2. Hikkikomori says:

    When I saw the STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA stat distribution.

    My mind automatically shifted to combat-donkey mode and wondered why the heck is your points distributed so… evenly.

    I blame D&D.

    It is a bad influence.

    Or maybe that set of sat really does promote combat-monkeyness?
    I think i may find it hard to imagine playing an nWoD setting using D&D stats. D;

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