[Homebrew] Persona nWoD Conversion


If anything, Persona is one of those videogame series that has truly had an influence on my GMing style.  As such, I’ve made it sort of a hobby for me to convert the game into as many gaming systems as I can.  While it won’t be a perfect fit, I’m pretty sure that nWoD would make for a remarkably good conversion for Persona.


Vanilla nWoD.  Build characters as normal starting characters, with zero additional experience, and the free Merit: Persona User (**), which would then enable them to see, analyze and summon Persona.  Game-wise, this merit may be tied to a focus of some sort, such as the Evoker Pistols of Persona 3, or the Glasses of Persona 4, depending on what suits the campaign more.


As for the Personas themselves, they should be built as Spirits, though with a few changes:

  • Personas start at Rank 1
  • 8 Attribute Dots to Distribute among Power, Finesse and Resistance Attributes (Max. 5)
  • All Personas have an Influence over their respective Tarot Arcana
  • All Personas start with 3 Numina powers
  • Starting/Maximum Essence 10
  • All Personas do not have a Corpus score, instead using their User’s Health Levels

Bound to the Persona User, May not stray beyond Line of Sight of the User

May not use Possession-Type Powers
May use Mage Rotes as Numina (with GM permission)

As per the standard Persona rules, only those with the Persona User Merit can see Personas.  Persona are capable of affecting the physical world without having to Materialize.  Damage done to a Persona translates to the User completely.  Also all monsters in a Persona campaign can only be hurt by Persona Users.  Furthermore a Persona may act separately from it’s User, effectively behaving as a second character, for as long as they remain within line of sight of each other.

3 thoughts on “[Homebrew] Persona nWoD Conversion

  1. Excellent, I’ve been looking for a Persona conversion, never thought about using NWOD. Any chance we can get some statted out personas in the future? 😀

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