4E DND Play Report I – Illyria, Magitech Setting

Hi there, Rick here.  Pointy asked if I could do a little report on how things are going in the campaign.  So here goes.


My Illyria Magitech Campaign has been running for three sessions… so I suppose I’ll divide the report into three parts.  During the first session, the group and I held a character creation session.

Illyria was primarily a setting hugely based in Final Fantasy Magitech, Alexandre Dumas, and Elizabethan Europe – so to maintain the theme, I had to make sure everyone was on the same page. We had a few problems, with regards to character concepts… which include such crazy concepts like the purple elf and a mass-murdering demon worshipper.  I had to say no immediately.

The characters created were the following:

The PrinceHuman Elonean Paladin; played by Blake, one of our munchkin players.

♦  Prince Adrein Giles DeudonneOne of the twin Princes of the Human Kingdom of Elona, to avoid a war of succession, the Cardinal General Robespierre had conveniently removed him from the list of royal heirs… and was banished to the isolated island of Avalon.  There, he harnessed his desire for vengeance.  However, when he finally went back to rebel against the throne – he was defeated, and was imprisoned in the Tower of Joaquin for 5 long years under the torturous hands of the cruel warden, Judas Dupant.

In this Paladin build, he rather abused the critical damage rules (using a high-crit Fullblade, and the Channel Divinity of Tempus)… and has surprised me by reaching the 100 damage limit in a 4E game.  And while he is a Paladin/Cleric… his design deals as much damage to himself as he does to the enemy – so he won’t be the healer… but rather the ‘Defender’ and ‘Striker’ of the team.  Despite being designed as a Paladin Cleric, he has made no secret that he plans on using his healing talents on only himself… which made some odd ends on who the true ‘cleric’ of the party will be.

The Politician Andalusean Dragonborn Warlock; played by Panm.

♦  Judamar del Tocetti. A noble of Andalusea (the land of the gods) whose family line was tainted with its association with the City of Summoners in Casa Sangre.  In the monarchy of Andalusea, where the bloodline of the gods is a widely protected commodity – it meant that their noble family was at the bottom of the political ladder.  However, he wasn’t about to accept this low position.  Ambitious as he is cruel, he prepares himself to forward his House and even usurp the throne if need be.

Originally planning to play the mass-murdering demon worshipper… we (Blake and I) managed to convince him otherwise, since I wanted the game to be in a ‘heroism’ level – not on a sick ‘I will kill all your peoples for xp’ kind of level.  His newer concept revolves over a politician.  The warlock has one of the rather more non-combat builds in the game… concentrating on social skills and powers to achieve his ends.  I am at odds at this build, (primarily since its hard to herd a political character into a party-based adventure) but that’ll be my problem later on, so, I allowed it.  His build takes advantage of “Blur” often, to appear invisible to enemies during combat – so that he would not be implicated in his actions.

The Warforged Elonean Warforged Barbarian; played by DualXtreme.

X. Marionettes were the mechanical soldiers under the control of the Elonean royal army, and a new rising power in the world’s military.  “X” was the special marionette, a secret weapon.  Unearthed in the ruins near Elonean mines, he was raised under the guiding arm of the religious organization of Vasilica… as their prized warrior.  However, after realizing the horrible tragedies he had committed under the guiding arm of the Inquisition, he fled his former masters, and for years became the unseen protector and freedom fighter for his fellow Marionettes.

DualXtreme told me, describing his character… “He was named X (a variable) as a symbol to the Marionette’s limitless potential.”  The concept was so GAR, I gave him XP right there at the bat.  The Warforged Barbarian cleric, appears to be one of the lower-damage builds in the game.  DualXtreme is someone who believes in the power of gar and dice.. and so far, with his insane athletics score – he has done just that.  Originally meant to be a Barbarian Wizard, Dualxtreme rethought his concept after realizing the team’s cleric (The Prince) was intent on using his healing capabilities on himself and not the rest of the team… so he decided to play a cleric instead.

The Dark Elf Elonean Dark Elf Ranger; played by Coldshaft.

Liam D’Artagnan. Liam began as an agent of the Elonean Monarchy but went rogue when he  found out that his son was kidnapped.  He is the father of the ten-year old Alexander… who was one of the many other children kidnapped in the area by the mysterious organization that called themselves the Absalom Knights.  Discovering this, he abandoned his rank and post, just to begin his long search for his missing son, and to exact vengeance on those that did this to him.

The resident dark elf, is played by the same one who broke my brain in the last games.  But this time, he is RP-heavy – and was able to roleplay (to the hilt) a desperate father in search of his kidnapped son.  I am honestly quite impressed.  He uses a high crit sword/dagger ranger/rogue build, multiplying his damage through his extensive use of Hunter’s Quarry and Sneak Attack in each encounter.  But it isnt that which makes him a threat.  Its his clever use of streetwise and intimidation (and dark elven torture techniques) which aids his ‘intelligence gathering’ quite well which makes him one of the more capable peeps out there.

The Ex-KnightAndalusean Dragonborn Swordmage; played by Viktor

The Dragon Knight. The Dragon Rider, alongside his giant lizard friend “Charlie” – had left his land, disgusted at the treatment of non-Dragonborn within.  Within Andalusea, the Pureblooded ruled supreme, and those with tainted and mutated bloodlines were often hunted down and killed.  After he had seen that the legendary dragon riders had devolved into mere murderers, he left to seek the Truth.  He deserted and went on a pilgrimage to understand himself, his country, and his role in everything yet to be.

The Andalusean knight is played by one of our more recent additions to the gaming group – and so far, he’s holding out quite well.  His build is one that makes clever use of the Teleportation skills of the Swordmage and the use of a Lizard Mount.  While teleporting with your mount may be a questionable rule – I allowed it as a relevant fluff for the Andalusean Dragon Riders, which he is part of.  Among the group, he has the largest movement rate – and with the additional damage dealing of the Lizard mount, makes him quite formidable in the battlefield.

The game was meant to be pretty heavy in the story department, and their concepts were ready to roll.  However, something quite messy happened in the first session – which left me quite unsatisfied… but I’ll leave that part of the report next time.


  1. The Prince hasn’t broken Damage Limit yet.

    It was a fluke!

    He added 2[W] when he was still at Lvl.10 – which only gave a 1[W] damage bonus with a High Crit weapon.

    His maximum damage was only 91, given he used his 4[W] power.

    I shall Break Damage Limit by next session before he does! For I R BARBARIANZ!!

  2. to be honest me i was kidding with the purple elf 😛
    but yeah im trying to get my hands in as many video’s of 24,taken and alias just to be in character with liam.
    and im so having fun in RP’ing him.

      • That would be wonderful. Also, did he ever revamp the campaign guide? It is an increadible production and I was looking forward to seeing his revisions.


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